9 key areas of successful in-store marketing

Your store is packed full of opportunities to promote your products directly to potential customers. While some are more obvious, others are often overlooked. As creative retail display specialists, our goal is to help retailers and brands to boost their in-store sales through the power of display. We’re often asked which areas are the best ones to help promote offers and display major product lines. Our answer? It’s all about finding the right balance between your products, your store space and the flow of your customers around that space. Naturally, there’s a delicate balance between promotion and over-saturation, but get it right and you can grow your sales on a continuous basis. Read on to discover 9 of the key aspects of powerful in-store marketing:

Selfridges Store Front-09-2

A great example of a well put together shop window. Selfridges

1: A window on your world
We’ll start with a classic. The shop window is typically used to display key products, offers or lavish displays that grab the attention of passers-by. But don’t rely on the conventional. Go creative to really stand out! Your potential customers are bombarded with distractions when they’re out and about so something different in your shop window could really put your products in the spotlight.

2: First impressions
The store entrance is a frequently overlooked display opportunity. This is surprising considering that close to the entry way is the ideal spot for your best-sellers. As well as making them easy to access, a display of products in this location can act as a hook to draw in uncertain potential customers! So don’t overlook your store entrance for key product promotions or for highlighting products or deals. You don’t always have to go big, either. Small unobtrusive displays can work really well in this location, as shoppers will notice them without feeling overwhelmed.

3: On the edge
Think the centre of your store is the be-all and end-all when it comes to display marketing? Not so… the wall space surrounding your store is yet another highly valuable area! After all, research has proven that the typical shopper enters a store and moves to the left. This is why so many retailers use the perimeter area of their store. It gives shoppers a sense of order and navigation as well as doing the equally important job of highlighting deals and promotions. You could dress the area to make it a focal point in your store or display a product range to a spectacular standard to equal the impact of a window display! A big advantage of using the outer edges of your store in this way is that it gives you easy access to power sockets. This allows you to use screen displays more easily and add eye-grabbing backgrounds to your products. We know from experience just how stunning lighting, signage and visual movement can look when used to promote products along store perimeters!

4: In the aisles
As obvious as they may seem as a display opportunity, aisles are frequently forgotten as a potential space for displays. Yet they are the closest your customers can get to your products! Think about your customer journey along the aisles… What do they see? How do they find what they need? Make the most of your aisles as a way to communicate an offer with key eyeline product ranges. However, do also be careful not to overload your displays in this important area, particularly when dealing with fast-moving consumer goods. Aisles are also the perfect place to get closer to customers via social media! Use signage and a good strategy to encourage them to interact with your product and you’ll encourage them to linger at profitable areas. This is where highlighters, wobblers and signage can really come into their own.

5: At the end
Your aisle end is a great spot to promote themed offers leading into or from the aisle products. Once again, signage, wobblers and highlighters are powerful here.

6: A queue with a view
Never underestimate the power of the queue! Get into the mindset of your queuing customer. They’ve decided what they want and they’re ready to pay. The right placement of the right products can seriously add to your sales. A good choice here would be products that are complementary to your top-performing product lines. A word of caution though… beware of anything that might encourage your customer to leave the queue and abandon their purchase. Don’t stress out or overwhelm them! Highlighter pots, signage and unique, but unobtrusive display solutions are good to use in this area.

7: At the till 
Yes, it really is possible to sell at the point of payment! Offer the right products here and you can generate an impulse purchase that will benefit you and your customer. As with the above point, be cautious not to clutter your till point as this could confuse people.

8:Behind the counter
The area behind the counter is a superb place to promote a message or promotion for returning customers. This could range from a lavish display that draws customers in to simple signage that communicates effectively.

9: In their hands  
Your sales receipt holds significant marketing potential, so don’t overlook this prime piece of collateral! After all, it is quite literally in your clients’ hands. Use your receipts to promote an offer for returning customers or promote a future product line.

What’s your view on the best areas for in-store marketing? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

9 key areas for successful in-store marketing

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