Travel-Retail-3rd-Follow-upAvoiding Offer Saturation

How do you avoid offer saturation and protect the consumer from overload while protecting your product from being ignored or discounted?

In all honesty, this is about two things: less is more and market research. Let’s think about how we can refine our offer, cut down on saturation and do our research to make sure we pinpoint consumers and give them what they’re looking for.

A new survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center has confirmed that option overload can often be more of a hindrance or obstacle than a help or inciter to buy. They surveyed 2,818 people, 80% of whom reported that they had found a particularly wide range of choices on offer in the previous month, and 36% of those said that they were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that they were being expected to process before they could make their buying decision.

Think about what you might encounter in your local supermarket: endless types of potato crisp, breakfast cereal and shampoo, and seemingly endless variations in types within each brand of each product. Now consider the airport display. How many types of perfume, cosmetics, technical goods are available? Is this kind of offer saturation putting consumers off buying anything at all?

We think that the key to avoiding offer saturation is really about less being more. Refining the number of product lines you have on a display that draws the consumer in with its simplicity, and reassure them that they are not going to have to do too much thinking before they make their buying decision.

Another useful strategy when researching how to avoid saturation is to use eye tracking technology to accumulate data on where your customers focus on the display. Do they pick one product and look at it closely, or does their line of sight roam rapidly over the display, only for them to walk away in bemusement at the range of offers in view?

Combining increased simplicity with careful research both in the travel retail environment in general and around your own displays will help you to avoid offer saturation and make for a calmer, more relaxed consumer, who is then perhaps more ready to buy.

We hope this article has sparked some interesting ideas that would work for your brand and we’d love to talk with you about how we can help you achieve more success with display marketing.

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