The Top 4 questions every Retail Display supplier must be able to answer before you hire them.

Creating retail displays that deliver real RESULTS in such vibrant marketplace is vital – especially given today’s turbulent economy. Finding a TRUE bespoke display specialist can be a very difficult task. There are many suppliers out there, and indeed some are good, but here’s one vital point:

Can you risk your brand by using ineffective displays in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace?

In a little while, I’ll go through the TOP 4 QUESTIONS, but first I’m sure you’re wondering …

Who are you and why are you sharing this info? 

Good question! My name is Rob Pryse-Jones and I’m a Director at Upright UK Ltd. I’ve been successfully delivering inventive retail solutions for over 25 years and I have one of the most in-depth understandings in our industry. I’m incredibly knowledgeable in the use of dynamic technologies, visual touch points and shopper behaviour, and I specialise in bespoke Retail Display.

I’m sharing this information with you simply because I’m irked by seeing uninspiring displays in the retail environment. All of us at Upright UK Ltd have a true passion for generating a high Return on Investment through creative, striking, innovative displays that deliver a REAL WOW Factor!

So, what are those TOP 4 QUESTIONS your retail display supplier will need to answer …?

#1 Do you understand the mind-set of highstreet shoppers?

We know that highstreet shoppers usually fall into one of three categories that allow us to better target them:

1. The Grazer

This shopper is in the retail environment in a relaxed state of mind and wants to take their time to shop. They’re strongly motivated by brands and luxury and are seeking an experience that offers feelings of aspiration, engagement and inspiration. They will usually have money to spend and are open to a brand experience that will move them to engage or be inspired into a purchasing decision. Grazers engage well with theatrical and entertaining displays; they like to experience something new, they have time to engage and they have money to spend.

2.  The Impulse Shopper

Maybe they don’t really have the time to shop; maybe they don’t want to. The classic Impulse Shopper might be a regular visitor or they might have a particular specific item they want to buy. Engage with them using a dynamic or interactive approach that might inspire them to make a different purchasing decision, ready to be educated at the display fixture. Once the Impulse Shopper is in the shopping environment, good display delivery can engage them through interest in a brand or a new approach.

3. The Uninterested Shopper

It can be difficult to challenge the Uninterested Shopper into an engagement: they’re often time poor, or are looking for a quick and easy purchase of a specific item. However, there are ways that they can be challenged into changing their purchasing decision if the right information is presented to them in a simple and effective way. Draw their attention, build brand awareness and you might just tip them into making that purchase decision.

#2 In such a competitive industry, how do you propose to help our brand to stand out?

There are so many examples of uninspiring retail displays, but so many great ways in which you can help your brand to really stand out.

You might, for instance, use multisensory display techniques, building interaction and theatre into the display. Whilst the majority of information is taken in through our sight, using smell, sound and taste to stimulate interaction with a product is an effective way of building engagement for brands.

Just one example of WOW factor:

Wow factor can be achieved through the use of projection mapping. Imagine being able to integrate an evolving message into your physical product. The product becomes the display; a 3D display, at that.

Your retail display provider should be able to give you solid examples of how their experience with brands has helped them to stand out in different ways in different environments.

#3 Are you up to date with the current trends in our marketplace?

Trends in the marketplace change all the time, and if you’re lagging, you can look like you’ve been left seriously behind in the style stakes – not a good look!

To highlight a few ideas:

Clear Screen Technology is increasingly being used, allowing the integration of tablets and apps into different kinds of product, with clear screens that allow all sorts of options, including seamless Augmented Reality. Great for the early adopters market.

Prestige and luxury are still considered vital to many shoppers, with the challenge being to offer an esteemed feel coupled with durability in a display. Prestige display increases brand value in the retail environment, it says consistency, quality and value.

Is your bespoke retail display partner expert in providing the appropriate technology and materials to resolve these two very different demands, in the experiences and touch points that you give to your customers and prospects?

#4 Do you understand the nuances of the in-store brand marketplace?

Of course, brand retail is a unique shopping environment and achieves success through building good relationships and producing results. It’s not just about technology for technology’s sake and a premium finish with nothing behind it, but about engaging with customers on a one-to-one level, inspiring and educating them at every touch point. And every moment you spend engaged with them, they gain brand awareness and make that purchasing decision.

A good retail display supplier creates the inspiring while remembering the human factor. Together, you must stimulate interest through innovative displays and the ability to interact with product. Remember those types of shopper we met back in #1? Create theatre and engagement and bring them back for more …

The best travel retail display provider will keep on top news and trends to keep ahead of the game, helping you to be inspired by current events in the sector and changes in the present climate. They will be able to answer your questions about how to apply new developments to your retail display and activations to ensure that your product is showcased in the most dynamic and up-to-date way possible.


Upright UK Ltd offers some of the industry’s most dynamic and interesting technologies currently available in the marketplace. With an eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge, Upright UK has positioned itself at the front of the retail display scene, integrating the strongest creative approach with dynamic ideas that deliver and improve brands’ ROI. We regularly work in partnership with agencies and direct with brands.

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