CES 2015 Las Vegas – Consumer electronics show

iStock_000030739658SmallOnly Days ago, CES in Las Vegas delivered a truly inspiring event designed to deliver a global stage for innovation.  CES is the global gathering place for the business of consumer electronics, hosting over 3600 exhibitors ranging from manufacturers to suppliers and welcoming over 150,000 attendees, this is an event of a truly epic scale.

The types of exhibitors ranged vastly, from Robotics to 3D Printing to Communications to Online… so there was no chance of getting bored at any stage. Here’s what was going on…

Who was there and what was going on?

Car Technology: Touch screen clearly seems to be the theme of In-Car tech with gesture control technology is also showing signs of adoption. VW showed off their “R-Touch” technology showing a move into the removal of tactile controls within the car, essentially meaning everything being controlled though a touch interface.

GM exhibited how their inbuilt 4G functionality can encourage better drivers. The “Smart Driver Assessment” system harvests data on how well you drive over 90 days and then submits a report to you suggesting improvements if needed.  This Tech has the ultimate aim of helping GM owners obtain better insurance premiums.

Also exhibiting were Hyundai with their latest touchscreen panel and finally, BMW showed off their laser headlight system which allows for much increased light projection but also allows you to stay on full beam with oncoming traffic avoidance sensors.

Mobile Technology: LG Gflex 2 is a super looking phone, with truly impressive spec and very sleek design. Lenovo also look to be targeting an increased market share in the coming year, following their purchase of Motorola, I’d expect some impressive display work from both brands to really sell the new lines instore.

Keynote Speakers and Seminars

With an impressive roster of keynote speakers (Microsoft, Barclays, The Guardian & many more), captivating discussions and some truly inspiring inspirational presentations were afoot throughout the event.

One highlights being the Fostering Creativity  seminar. A discussion on the creativity /technology juxtaposition. How they’re perceived to sometimes combat with each other and how they can now merge and compliment. In the 2nd session the panel discussed how they technology offers “tangibility against the creative subjectivity”. Hosted by Wenda H Millard of MediaLink the panel consisted of major players like David Pemsel (Deputy chief Exec of Guardian News) & Eric Hadley (Head of Partner Marketing, Pintrest) the discussion raised some interesting points about the way the industry is moving more towards heavy measurement.

You can see the video of the session here: http://www.cesweb.org/News/CES-TV/Video-Detail?vID=U8i6IX8Td2uV&dID=DliGIusJiD1C&sID=OhYr3WpdgEMj

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