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Combative or Collaborative Business - Which works?

Combative or Collaborative Business?

Are you friends with your competitors or bitter enemies? Does sharing best practice work or does it lead to the others getting one up on you? When it comes to retail display and POS production, do you want to play one company against the other, listen to prospective suppliers bad-mouthing each other and choose between the negative and the really negative … or would you rather work with a business that takes a collaborative approach, shares best practices and finds working together more constructive for doing good business?

In every industry sector, whether it’s retail, retail display production, overseas procurement or value-added services, we find a collaborative approach wins over combative every time. Working in an industry where outsourced work spans the globe; where the UK branch of a multinational organisation might be stocking retail units with POS products manufactured in Asia and shipped to the UK. Liaison and collaboration are our watchwords, and that’s how we deal with our competitors, too.

Imagine that you’re really busy and can’t take on one more job for a client. Isn’t it better to be able to recommend them on to a friendly company like your own who will get your back when things are at a peak and pass on work to you if they’re busy and you have a gap? Isn’t it better to send your client somewhere that you know will help them and leave that good impression in their minds for next time? Maybe they’ll recommend you to someone else. That’s the approach of Upright UK Ltd, building industry collaboration, sharing best practices and working together for the improvement of the retail display production industry.

A better, more harmonious and collaborative industry will build a good overall reputation with clients. Think about the most pushy and combative types of industry – say (not to encourage sterotypes), double-glazing sales or an estate agency. How much do you trust that kind of individual business? How about a collection of enterprises with healthy competition but a sense of purpose for the good of the industry and – most importantly – the good of their customers? Sound a bit better?

In a business that survives on its overseas procurement, including procurement in Asia and beyond, sharing best practices and checks on overseas suppliers is a  winner as far as we’re concerned. Sharing information among industrial partners could even lead to time and cost savings as the best overseas procurement partners are identified and embraced.

Upright UK Ltd is working to dispel negativity and combative attitudes in the retail display / POS production industry. We work together with, not against, fellow firms in the business, with a firm eye on what’s best for our clients. Work with us, and share that attitude. Don’t Alienate, Collaborate.

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