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Upright UK Ltd - Buying digital tabletAs a company providing creative retail design & display solutions, we like to keep a close eye on high street display trends. A common theme of discussion is the use of technology to build interaction with shoppers. High street retailers today (as always) continually strive to improve footfall and to encourage engagement instore, so for many, providing a more personalised shopping experience presents a great opportunity.

Technology is in all of our lives on a daily basis and it presents a fantastic opportunity to assist with the consumer experience. Incorporating digital devices into display solutions to build engagement and interactivity instore is now proven to produce positive sales results.

Instore APPs

The cosmetics company ‘Make Up For Ever’ have started to rollout an iPad (or iPad style) hosted catalogue into their displays for shoppers to browse through their product range. The display also enables a shopper to have a virtual try out through the use of an APP, testing out different make-up combinations by uploading a picture of their face to the iPad APP. This is a trend that has been used by some retailers and is already said to be having a huge impact on sales, as well as the novelty of it being enough to drive increased footfall.

Upright UK Ltd - Interactive DisplaySelfies and social media

In a similar way, Superdrug has recently incorporated a neat solution aiming to boost shopper engagement at its new concept store in Cardiff. “The Beauty Studio” has an interactive area containing a four-screen video wall and HD camera, allowing customers who have had makeovers instore to pose for ‘selfies’ and take videos and pictures of their beauty treatments.

As a Marketing method, shoppers are then encouraged to share their footage with friends and family using the #treatyourselfie hashtag, thus building social media interaction.

With these ideas in mind, it presents a whole host of opportunities for high street retailers providing fashion, style and homeware, to incorporate relatively simple and cost effective technology into the instore mix.

Mobile point of sale is also on the increase. A recent consumer survey revealed that 60% of those looking to book a holiday were planning to use instore self-help technologies (such as self-checkout, price checkers, digital signage and information kiosks). Looking to the future, retailers are keeping a keen eye on the significant growth of 3D printing applications that present some exciting opportunities for shopper interaction in the future.

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