How to boost dwell time in 3 easy steps


Boost dwell time in 3 steps

Today we’re looking at how to boost dwell time instore. The old saying goes: “Dwell time equals sell time”. Optimise that dwell time to optimise sales.

It depends widely on the product, the store, the geography, the target demographic but here are three ways that could be incorporated into your instore campaign to get  customers engaging with your product and spending more time with it.


Allowing for exploration of your product is a useful way to boost dwell time. Gamification is a key concept here, engaging visitors’ senses, giving them an immersive experience and engaging their sense of play to keep them lingering by your displays and interacting with them. Think about engaging more than your clients’ eyes – how about offering something to touch and explore, or using scents and sounds? Really immerse them in the display and make them almost forget they’re in a store. More interaction and more fun means a boost to the instore dwell time.

Instore Events:

Instore events, festivals and celebrations are an interesting way to build dwell time, enabling you to gain a valuable opportunity to promote whilst customers attend the event. Create excitement around your store and your brand, encouraging new and regular customers to visit, stay and be engaged. Big promotions and well-managed displays are key to this. Here and with the previous point, engaging with creative display specialists who are experts in getting the best out of your display is a must.


A basic footfall flow graphic

Queues and Footfall:

Manage queues and footfall flow. This seems like a basic feature of instore marketing, but is easily forgotten in the excitement of new concepts and technologies. If you manage queues and footfall flow throughout the store then maximise the promotions opportunities along the queue, this natural dwell time can be leveraged to boost your sales. Ikea and Tesco are expert at this, with their carefully laid out customer paths and queue management. Remember, research shows again and again that the majority of people turn to the left when they enter a shop, unless there is a barrier. Use this knowledge to boost their dwell time in store and your use of their dwell time in queues. And one final point, remember that the perimeter of your store is as valuable a place to boost dwell time as centre piece displays.

How can you boost dwell time instore, whether it’s the customer’s choice or natural dwell time in the queue, and optimise your ability to get your product in their minds and boost your sales?

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