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How to control your brand identity around the globe

How to control your brand identity around the globe

Think about the biggest brands in the world… Whether it’s Walmart, Coca-Cola or Nike, one of the things that makes them big is that their customers recognise their brand – wherever they go in the world. That is why with the right retail display provider, a brand campaign can be recognised and respected just about anywhere on the planet. Having a global retail display strategy that is managed effectively means that your business gets noticed in Dubai as much as it will in Dortmund! Here’s how:

Better control

Gaining more control over the look of your brand means that it is more finely honed and will retain its distinctive design in stores across the world. Consistency builds trust so a consistent look and style across the world will help to strengthen that all-important sense of customer loyalty to your brand. Global deployment abilities and manufacturing capabilities across the globe from the right retail display provider can help make this happen.

More flexibility

Retail is a complex business. Yes, consistency matters, but so does flexibility – the ability to adapt your brand to match the interests and culture of local consumers. The right retail display provider will have the knowledge and the ability to help adapt your instore brand and maximise your sales opportunities wherever you are in the world. They will also help you respond to differences between countries and cultures in a more centralised and strategic way.

Getting hands-on

Securing a global brand doesn’t just take the right kind of retail display strategy. It demands the capacity for hands-on deployment of display units and branded in-store marketing. When you’re talking to a potential retail display provider, ask them how they would make your global brand identity come to life. How they will they make that strategy happen on the ground? What networks do they have in place to support your strategy for a globally recognised brand?


When it comes to controlling your corporate identity around the globe, the right kind of retail display expertise can make a world of difference. From enabling global deployment of units and consistent instore marketing to generating unique ideas and inventive localised strategy, a good retail display provider is incredibly valuable to your brand.

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