How to stand out in the travel retail environment?

How to stand out in the travel retail environment – rather than competing with high street you’re competing with other shops in a concentrated area. So how do you make your brand stand out in the travel retail environment?

Coke-Engine-POS-800pxDuty free is a concentrated and competitive area, with many other brands in a busy shop floor and bright lights and distinctive packaging all around: how do you stand out and bring your brand to front of your customers mind? On the high street, you will be in competition with a wide range of products and shops. In the travel retail environment, you are in competition with other travel retail brands. In terms of products, many that you find here are travel retail exclusive but there is a distinct cost advantage to buying air side on even non-exclusive items. Travellers are time poor, and in some cases bombarded with marketing messages so having the advantage over the competition is of vital importance.  So, how do you make your brand stand out in travel retail?

Step 1 in making your brand stand out starts with market research. Assessing what the competition are doing in the retail environment and how they are targeting your customers. Look at ways to jar the peoples’s attention into focussing on your brand.

Interesting use of colour (sometimes something as simple as a smart use of colour will be enough to draw the attention) Looking at design and colour theory and employing it into a display area can yield some interesting results. Studies have shown that 85% of shoppers select a product based on colour. As the strongest visual que it cant be ignored.

Sensory stimulation (if you have a product that has a special smell or feel). Building ways to use these aspects to your advantage is a great way to draw attention in a small focussed retail space such at travel retail). But adding sensory stimulation into your band display can be the difference between a customer engaging with your brand or simply walking by.

Interactivity. Another idea is to use something that catches the eye and engages the potential customer’s brain and interest: we’re talking interactivity, moving images, what comes under the heading of retail-tainment. You can even gamify the experience for any demographic, noting that the one thing the travel retail environment gives to them all is limited time! So, if you’re providing an “experience”, that experience must be quick to understand, easy to achieve and above all fun to do. The main objective is obviously to sell more product and build brand awareness, and if you can do this by encouraging engagement in a busy environment like the travel retail environment, you’ve made your brand stand out!

One special way in which you can make your brand stand out is through the use of iBeacons. This technology, already in use on buses and in shopping centres, uses an app to present offers and information to consumers via their mobile phones when they come into close proximity to a store or brand display. You can even incorporate dynamic signage which changes as particular types of consumer come close enough to view it.

All of this is especially good if you are targeting early adopters who might well appreciate the use of new technological advances to inform them about technologies that might interest them. This will certainly make you stand out in the retail environment as far as technologically minded people are concerned, and use of such apps is likely to spread quickly into the general population, too.

We hope this article has sparked some interesting ideas that would work for your brand and we’d love to talk with you about how we can help you achieve more success with display marketing.

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