Is real knowledge gained from having access to it?

Does knowledge come from access to it?

We’re all suffering from information overload these days, and procurement management does not escape this trend.

While there is now a mass of information on the web, with websites, blogs, crowd-sourced opinions, wikis, experts to be found on every subject, does this mean that all of the information you are finding is good and valid? Can you get good quality information from a web search or is it still better to go to one source, a procurement management specialist, who can sort the wheat from the chaff?

“The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many”. – John Naisbitt

The problem with the huge rise in information on the internet is that on the whole it is not validated, checked or, many times, actually correct or reliable. Search on one of the search engines and the top hits will be paid for hits, not those that are most relevant. Yes, even the ones that aren’t marked as adverts. Companies can “game” these results to promote their businesses at the expense of others – and while the information on many company websites is reliable, how do you know whether it is or not?

Maybe, in the end, it is better to seek advice from a procurement specialist when you’re looking to manage procurement of display equipment for your retail environment. We say “maybe” – but surely it’s a given. Why trust a random stranger on the internet when you could take to experienced specialists, experts in their field; people who can prove that what they do is valid and can give you references from previous clients who actually exist, not just a set of initials by a spurious quotation on a website.

Access to knowledge does not necessarily bring knowledge. Just like you need a librarian to help you to navigate the world of reference materials, books and electronic resources, so you need a procurement management specialist who can give you tailor-made advice and suggestions for the displays that will represent your company to the world.

You wouldn’t buy a house, sight unseen, off the internet, without talking to an estate agent and visiting some properties. Don’t get overloaded with information and miss the main point: speak to the procurement expert and you’ll be provided with good quality information, and the knowledge you need for the job in hand.  Sometimes all the information in the world is just too much information, especially when it comes to procurement management.

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