Perimeter display – 5 tips to improve the look, feel and impact of perimeter displays

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Sometimes we all need fresh new ideas and tips to liven up your perimeter display. Are you using the edges of your store to their best effect? Just what is perimeter display anyway? Here we share our perimeter display best practice with these top tips.

What is a Perimeter Display? 

2015-02-02 14.28.44The definition of a perimeter display is there in the wording itself. The term describes the display features that you use around the outside edge of your store – around the walls and lining the aisles rather than in the middle of your store, and usually mainly fixed to the walls rather than free-standing.

Top Tips for Perimeter Display

Here are our top tips for Perimeter Display.  Take all of these into consideration to employ best practices and achieve success.

  1. Store Layout, A looped layout works best for perimeter success. providing a good clearly defined main aisle. Typically customers flow towards the right as they enter a store, so in this layout, you can use perimeter displays to tell a story through the customer journey.
  2. Embrace interactivity. The layout gives you the opportunity to incorporate interactive elements into the display. Note that this is easier in a perimeter display than in, for example, free-standing units, as being located close to power sources is a bonus.
  3. Clarity is everything. It is key to keep retail perimeter displays clear and easy to follow. Don’t overload them with information or product.
  4. Space is key.  Make sure that you allow people space to manoeuvre around one another. Far too often, we see perimeter display hindered by positioning the freestanding display fixtures too close to the edge of the floorspace. This means that customers might struggle to get around the fixtures or past other customers and there’s a risk that they will abandon the exploration of the store altogether.
  5. Think about lighting. Don’t let this space fall into shadow. Use good coloured neutral lighting to really highlight your products well. Consider incorporating highlighters into the perimeter display to create eye-catching focal points, to highlight key areas and add drama to the scene.

These are our top tips for best practice in perimeter display in retail. When you get this aspect right, your store display will come together and your customers will be put into the mood to purchase.


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