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How we solved a travel retail problem for Mondottica

Recent Work: How we solved a travel retail problem for Mondottica

Sunglasses display stand in travel retail

Mondottica – Ted Baker sunglasses display stand for Travel Retail.

Nothing gets our pulses racing more than helping top brands to stay on top.

So we were only too happy to apply our skills to gain even more attention for global eyewear name, Mondottica, Eyewear Without Borders (Lunettes Sans Frontières). Mondottica asked us to help them with a problem they had by producing a sunglasses stand (for brand Partner Ted Baker) that would truly do justice to their stunning products in the fast moving travel retail and duty free environment across a range of locations. It’s a global approach fitting for a brand that is a true world citizen and arguably the most successful eyewear company to appear on the world stage!

We love working with a brand with a great history and Mondottica is no exception. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the group was set up by a Canadian who runs the company with working shareholders from Germany, Britain, France, India and Australia. The Mondoticca story all started when their first license was signed with brand partner Ted Baker. Now it has no less than 12 partners, including such household names as Converse, Christian Lacroix and Pepe Jeans and offices and operations in Hong Kong, London, Nottingham, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Venice, Moscow, New York and Sydney!

So what help did Mondottica need from us? Well, our job was to allow them to act fast on a specific problem. Yes, they wanted to respond quickly to the growing demand for stunning eyewear in travel retail outlets. But what about the demands of airport operators that all their displays are manufactured from Class 0 (Zero) fire-rated material? Well, that’s just the kind of retail problem we love to solve, thanks to our experience of designing fashion display and developing solutions that meet the unique and exacting demands of airport retailing!

Our solution for Mondottica? We created a simple on-counter unit as stunning as it is practical. The unit carries 12 sunglasses, with interchangeable branding (first off, for the Ted Baker Collection) and doesn’t contravene any airport authority material spec demands and was planned and executed within an efficient budget, naturally. All helping to keep the world’s top eyewear company in the lead.

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