Sailing in Weymouth to celebrate 10 years in business

To celebrate our 10 years of success in the retail display industry, we thought we would try something new and exciting. Given the incredible coastline we have surrounding the UK it would have been a shame not to capitalise on that, so we took the whole team sailing …  

Most of us had little or no experience of sailing (Murray & Russell being the exceptions) but, we’re all open new experiences, so it was agreed that that a sailing trip would be a great way to celebrate.

Worst things happen at sea...

Worst things happen at sea…

Arriving on Wednesday night we stopped at a the B+B Weymouth, so we got to see the sights and night life of Weymouth in the Autumn. Starting early on Thursday (following a hearty breakfast and several cups of Coffee), we took a trip out to Portland Marina to join the training instructor at Quality Time Training. Half of the team split off into a sail boat whilst the rest  went on a powerboat tour around the coast and Weymouth Harbour. Luckily, the weather was ideal so the trip took us along the stunning Jurassic coastline and gave us all a great opportunity to experience Sailing. Eventually the morning journey came to a conclusion, stopping at Lulworth Cove for a nice lunch at the Lulworth Cove Inn.

Feeling refreshed, the two parties swapped over and made the journey back. At this point the weather had took a slight turn and the winds sped up a little. None the less, everyone made it back safely and with a smile on their face.

It was a great trip away, and an ideal way to celebrate our milestone year. At times it tested everyones sea legs but we got away with only a few minor occurrences of sea sickness. On behalf of us all here at Upright UK Ltd, thank you to everyone who made the trip a success, and of course, a huge thank you to our customers for your continued support.

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