The Cycle Show 2014

The-Cycle-Show-2014-(1-of-7)If seeing the crowds witnessing the Tour’s visit to the UK wasn’t enough to convince you, a day spent at The Cycle Show proved that the Brits are now passionate about cycling.
In late September, a visit to the Birmingham NEC proved a fruitful and fascinating experience, with hundreds of exhibitors presenting their wares and cycling innovations. The Cycle Show has seen some incredible growth since we last attended and, if memory serves correctly; it seems to be twice the size of even two years ago. And that’s the overall feel of the show … it was bigger and there was lots more of everything. Here are our particular highlights …

More eBike stands

There’s a sense that eBikes are getting set to grow their presence in the marketplace. Having been focussed on the wrong demographic for a while, the industry seems to be better focussed on where its target market now resides .  There was an interesting presentation discussing that subject at one of the many seminars throughout the day, and the eBike village area of the show proved some great showcases of the product ranges available.

Lifestyle bikes

Lifestyle bikes seem to be a growth area, with many options present for just about any possible lifestyle need. It also presents a branding opportunity for other industries to impart their design acumen to a bike manufacturer’s product. After teaming up with Mercian Cycles, it’s evident that Paul Smith clearly like their bikes.

Satellite industries

The show played host to various satellite industries allowing them the opportunity to benefit from the visitor footfall, with brands representing the sports nutrition and health sector like ‘Firefly Recovery’ maintaining a good presence in the arena.

Clearly cycling holidays and adventure getaways is big business with cyclists, evidenced by the volume of cycling holiday/adventure stands around and also their presence in the show programme.

These satellite industries added a nice dimension to the show, presenting some great products and services that look like they’ll see good market growth over the coming years.

More ‘celebrities’

There was quite a presence of Celebrities at the show this year too, boasting visits from Davina McCall alongside distinguished professional cyclists such as Ottilie Quince, Jo Rowsell, Chris Boardman, Jens Voigt, Ivan Basso and of course British cycling hero Sir Chris Hoy.

In conclusion

Amongst the few big players, there is a real sense that the business of cycling and its satellite industries such as cycling nutrition and holidays is still very much a cottage industry, currently oozing optimism and with an open mind to investment. Excitedly, we wonder what Cycle Show 2015 will look like.

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