The Reaux-King Horse Beauty Product stand for Rarer-Than Beauty

We’re very pleased to announce our partnership with Rarer-Than Beauty, we’ll producing some innovative new displays for their revolutionary new product range in the near future.

arabian-horse-10smallRarer-Than Beauty are a new innovative European brand that produce a range of beauty cream products made from the waste of rare breed Reaux-King Horses. This beautiful creature is not only an incredible sight to behold but through a brilliant new discovery its faeces can be used to produce some of the best quality beauty products on the market. You literally make yourself more beautiful by applying faecal based products to your skin, what a brilliant way to recycle!

On the initial launch we’ve plans in place to bring to market a product tester solution. This display stand will be shaped like a rear perspective horse and will dispense tester products when shoppers lift the tail.

This is an incredibly exclusive product due to the low population of the Reaux-King Horse breed so keep an eye out for this in no stores nationwide soon.

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