Top 10 Tips For Retail Display Success Pt 3


Here’s the Third and final instalment in our series of Top Tips to help brands get the most out of their display campaigns in the coming year. If you’ve enjoyed the series please do feel free to share them or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.
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Part 3

7: Warehousing and distribution

iStock_000013814946XSmallBefore production starts on your units, knowing how you are going to take delivery of the display units, how they’re going be stored and how they are going to be distributed to individual stores, especially if you’re ordering in bulk is a real advantage.

Will you be going for a single roll out across all your stores, or working to a timed distribution schedule (a practice not uncommon in Travel retail)?
Using a good courier and installation team will ensure that the items arrive in their best condition – and also that they are placed into the stores efficiently and effectively.

If your P.O.S. company offers this service themselves (many do not), it’s worth asking them manage this process for you as it’s something they will be highly experienced with and they will know the right couriers and installation teams to use.


8: Installation and stocking

Now it’s time to install and stock your new POS or retail display unit.

The first consideration is whether it can be installed by your in-store staff, or is an P.O.S. installation team required? As when arranging delivery, if your display company offers a solution here, take them up on it – they’re the experts.

Once your display units are in place, they need to stocking according to the planogram. If you’re having your products stocked by a third party, always ensure a good planogram is provided for the display units that maintain your brand identity across all the stores in which your products are stocked.

Denim Display Stand

9: Refreshment

Your display unit is in place, you’ve stocked it attractively and now people are removing items from the shelves.

As well as restocking the shelves with your products, which is obviously the responsibility of your staff or travelling staff coming in from your suppliers’ depots, you need to think about how the display units themselves are refreshed. Also to be considered at this point: who is going to make the requisite regular checks to ensure the unit is planogrammed properly and no damage has occurred?

The completed unit should have been designed to allow easy cleaning, and which you can refresh with new graphics as you change your offerings through the life of the unit. Have you factored in the costs of servicing the unit? It might well be worth outsourcing this to the original display suppliers, if this is a service they offer; this will mean the work is undertaken by experts who are used to working with this kind of display unit, and will take the worry off your hands.

If there is any damage to the unit and it needs repair, then you need to have a plan in place for equipment maintenance and servicing …

10: Equipment maintenance and servicing

If your branded products are being sold through a third party retailer, or if you’re a retailer selling a brand’s products, it needs to be understood who will service the product?

The need to make sure your equipment is maintained properly and still works effectively will have a real impact on the on-going campaigns success. There’s no point having great planograms and shiny new products if the unit they’re displayed on is looking tired and letting them down. Whilst every effort is made through good retail display providers to build units with a suitable level of durability, accidents can happen and it’s always worth having a plan before something goes wrong. Maybe over ordering the display units by a determined percentile and arranging storage to be called off should the need arise.


Ultimately, working in partnership with your retail display company will help alleviate a lot of the potential pitfalls and help ensure a successful campaign. They’ll be well-versed and experienced with all the points raised in this series of articles.

Upright UK Ltd are a highly experienced retail display supplier who specialise in the High-street and Travel retail sectors. We understand the commercial realities involved in producing excellent quality and value P.O.S. whilst injecting the creative flair that helps set your campaign apart from the competition.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help just get in touch.

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