Travel retail a launch pad for bringing new products to market

New products are constantly being tested in travel retail. It’s a good way to get a product in front of many different kinds of customer at the same time – from the Grazer in their relaxed mood with money in their pocket, to the impulse shopper or “uninterested” shopper who might not have seen your products before.

In this article, we’re going to look at some interesting ways in which large and small brands have launched their products to a new market through travel retail and succeeded.

Kerastase Travel Retail display area

Kerastase Travel Retail display area

Kerastase introduces hair consultation salons

Our first example comes from L’Oreal’s Kerastase brand. In 2014, they made good use of the travel retail environment to launch their brand further into the market, setting up dedicated hair consultation salons which act as an attractor for travellers to come and sit down, spend time, engage, and buy products.

As the recognised market leader in the huge Beauty category of travel retail, L’Oreal is well-placed to be a leader in marketing, too. As well as the hair consultation salons, the related Vichy and La Roche-Posay brands are being presented in instore Dermacenter flagships.

Capturing that almost-static yet transitory market with an average of 20 minutes to shop in the airport (or ferry terminal or other duty-free area) is allowing this company to showcase its brands and raise brand awareness and penetration with the innovative and eye-catching experiences for casual browsers and brand adherents alike.

DANZKA Vodka Travel Retail Display

DANZKA Vodka Travel Retail Display

Danzka Vodka extends in Asia using travel retail.

The Danzka brand owner Waldemar Behn started to showcase its new DANZKA Vodka Apple variety across Asian travel retail outlets, testing its new products when introducing the line at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes and TFWA Asia Pacific show in Singapore and then successfully initiating new brand penetration and improved sales and distribution in the Asia region using exciting displays in airports.

In this example Danzka used good, clean signage with aspirational imagery on static and and LCD displays to market the brand in Duty Free. The Clean curvature of the display helps do draw the eye in focus attention on the product.

Spongelle Product  Display in Travel Retail

Spongelle Product Display in Travel Retail

Altimetre launched its Spongellé range, of which the core product is a hypoallergenic bodywash buffer, infused with skincare ingredients, at the IAADF’s Duty Free Show of the Americas, having launched in the domestic market in the Middle East and Asia in travel retail, marketing the new products successfully in the region and reporting encouraging initial sales.

This is a nice example of a brand using  a pleasing visual backdrop that highlights the product well on a display shelf. It’s simple and it’s effective.

All of these examples demonstrate that new products are being tested in travel retail all the time, and the exposure that a new and innovative product wins in the airport or other transit environment can reap huge rewards for the brand.

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