Upright UK Ltd is Now ISO9001 and ISO14001 Accredited, YAY

ISO9001 and ISO14001 AccreditationWe’re very pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation. So we thought, to celebrate the announcement we’d write a short blog/Interview about it and share with you our experience behind it.

In the room with me is Murray Burton (Managing Director) and Phil Hunt (Operations Director) of Upright UK Ltd.

1: So Guys, what were your 3 main reasons for seeking ISO accreditation? 

Murray: Well the ISO accreditation scheme carries with it credibility. Its says that we are a company that is robust and provides quality production.

Phil: It’s also excellent discipline to use that frame work to assure a consistent quality product. We’re are professional retail display company and we make bespoke retail displays so quality needs to be assured.

Murray: Environmentally as well, we’ve always worked to a clear, internal code of good ethics and it’s fantastic to be accredited with an internationally recognised standard too.

2: What were the biggest challenges you faced whilst going through the process? 

Phil: It was a fairly straightforward process to achieve accreditation. There is some paper work to look at and some systems analysis. To be honest we were actually surprised that a lot of what we were already doing was part of the accreditation criteria. So it’s not like we had to make any sweeping changes to what we were doing.

Murray: Yep, we were already awesome, just now it’s official!
3: What does the Accreditation mean for Upright UK Ltd? 

Murray: It gives confirmation that we as an organisation are credible and have stress tested our systems. It means that we know we have a robust business system and methods of production. It means we have an internationally recognised stamp of quality and ethically sound environmental policy and it assures our clients that they’re going to get something good from us.

Thanks for your time guys.

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